Retracting a bid

Why do we need to retract bids?

As can happen, sometimes people accidentally mess up bids, or bid beyond their means. The software allows only users with the ARTSHOW_ADMIN permission to retract bids.

How do I retract a bid?

  1. Log into your Convention Master console.
  2. Click on List Artwork, and find your piece of art that needs the bid retracted.
  3. Click on the Piece ID of the piece of artwork - This will bring you to the display piece page. Near the middle find the bidding records.
  4. Click the "Retract Bid" Button - Note you will not see this button if you do not have the ARTSHOW_ADMIN permission. You will only see this button on the last active bid. You must retract a bit one at a atime. Once you have clicked the "Retract BId" button you will be given a screen that provides you more information about the bid your retracting.
  5. Enter a retraction Note - You must always provide a reason why the bid is being retracted, for audit purposes.
  6. Click "Retract Bid" - This will retract the bid and provide you a link to go back to the piece information. Important note: If retracting this bid means that the piece status should change, the piece status will probably change.