Approve / Deny Application

Approve, Deny, Deffer, Waitlist, Confirm a application.

  1. Find your artshow menu - In the menu on the left side of the console, you will now have a new menu item, and this menu item will be titled the same as the title of your art show.
  2. List Applications - Within your new menu item, find your List Applications menu. Once your in this meny you should see the list of all the people who have applied to your art show. Then Click "Approve/Deny" on the application you wish to update.
  3. Review the application - From this screen you can review the application.
    Within the edit approval form there are three sections:
    Interview Questions - which shows the response to the interview questions,
    Space Requests - Which will be where you change the approval for a particular space,
    Email (Notes sent to customer) Section - Which modifies the email that will be sent to the user when the approval is saved.
    Notes Not Sent to Customer - Which is the area you can keep internal notes about the application the customer won't see.
  4. Edit the approval - Approve, deny etc your space requests for this particular person. As you modify these approvals, the Letter sent to the customer will also modify itself accordingly.
  5. Edit the "Sent to Customer" email - You can edit the email that will be sent to the customer , or if you would like to NOT send any email to the customer, simply delete the content of the email.
  6. Edit the "Note sent to customer" - You can make additional notes for your reference later. These notes will not be sent or visible to the customer.
  7. Click Save