How to Check in artists

This how-to will help you learn how to check in artwork.

Why do we need to check in art?

When the users create their bid-slips those pieces of artwork show up in the system with a status of 'Entered'. This is good because the piece has been entered. However it has not yet shown up to your art show for the purposes of sale, and because some artists are forgetful, or just because life happens, some pieces may never actually show up to your show to be sold.

In order to help you track which pieces have shown up, and are on display for sale, we have created a tool that will help you streamline the process of checking the artist in, and marking the pieces they did bring as 'On Display' in your show.

What is the human process?

This diagram shows the human interaction of the process of checking in artowork.


How do I check in art?

  1. Log into your Convention Master console.
  2. Click your artshow, and click 'Check In Art'
  3. Search for the artist - Use the search tool to search for the artist by name or UID.
  4. Scan or enter each piece of art - Use a barcode scanner, or just enter the piece_id for each piece of artwork the artist has.
    • You can scan as many pieces as you want
    • You can remove pieces
    • You can scan pieces that are already checked in if you like.
  5. You can scan as many pieces as you want
  6. Add a note if you desire
  7. Click "Check Pieces In" to check in the pieces selected. Note only items that are marked "Will be checked in" will actually be checked in at this time, Other pieces probably don't need to be checked in or have some reason to not be checked in.
  1. The pieces will be checked in - A Check In report will be printed Provided that you have a printer set up on your workstation the system will print a check in report, which looks like:
  2. Get both the STAFF member and the ARTIST to sign the report - The purpose of this check-in report is to provide the artist with some kind of proof that the pieces they have delivered have arrived in the show. THe system prints two copies of this report, the first copy is intended for the artshow to keep, the second copy is intended for the staff to sign and provide to the artist.
  3. Click Continue to check in the next artist.