How to record a bid

Why do i need to record bids?

Recording bids is how the software knows what was bid on a item. We like to encourage you to record all bids that happen in the system not just the highest bid. The software provides you with an extremely simple mechanism to record bids, and is designed to be extremely fast.

Some advantages of recording all bids inclue:

  • Bid History- You will be able to maintain a bid history of your item even after the artshow has closed. This could be helpful when trying to track down deadbeat bidders at the end of the show.
  • Pieces Update their status as needed- Since the software is designed to have you record each bid, the software will also bump the pieces into their appropriate status ('Sold' or "Voice Auction') for you, if you correctly record all bids, as oppose to just the winning bid.

How do I record a bid?

  1. Log into your Convention Master Console.
  2. Click your artshow menu, and click 'Record Bid' - You will be then presented with a screen as shown here:
  3. Scan or enter the bid tag -  In the top right of the bid tag, there is both a barcode and a textual version of the barcode. Either enter or scan your piece-id into the system. On this bid tag the piece id is DB01-42
  4. Scan or enter the bidder id - Once the piece has been entered, you need to scan or enter the bidder id number.
  5. Enter the Amount -  Once the bidder id number has been entered, enter the bid amount. Important to note, that the sofware knows that this piece is a immidate sale for 20$, And will only accept that as the price.
  6. Bid recorded successfully - If your bid was recorded properly, the system will notify you of this, clear the fields and be ready immidately for the next bid to record. This makes the system easy and fast.