Activate A Bidder

Do I need to activate bidders?

Many events have different ways of doing things. If you have decided to set your event up to use bidder numbers, which are issued when the bidder hands in their paperwork to the art show, then you will need to activate the bidder.

While activating a bidder might be one extra step for your artshow staff to take, it will make things more secure in two ways.

  1. Requires Bidders to Register - Activating bidders requires bidders to register with artshow staff, and artshow staff can make sure that any paperwork regarding terms of service, is signed before the user gets their bidder number.
  2. Prevents fraudlent Bidding - In a system where your badge number is your bidder id, anyone who is able to witness another persons's badge number is able to bid as that person. The result will be that your artshow staff could be hunting down a deadbeat bidder who never actually made the bid.

If you are using some version of the badge number to record bids then you will not need to activate your bidders first.

How do I activate bidders?

  1. Log into your Convention Master Console.
  2. Click your artshow, and click "Activate Bidder" - If you do not see the activate bidder option, then your show is using some format of badge number to record bids, and will not need to use the activate bidder too. (And therefore it has been removed from the menu for you)
  3. Search for the bidder - The bidder may or may not have attended this event.
  4. The bidder is activated - The bidders Bidder number will display to the screen. In future it will print the bid stickers out too.