System Types

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Selecting Your System

Understanding what kind of system you need is a key factor in the success of your event, and how satisfied you are with your selection choice.

System Types

  • Ticketing System – Mainly focuses on tickets to the event.

  • Membership System – Acts more like a CRM software that keeps track of members, contact information, and repeat attendance.

  • Convention Master – Combines a membership system along with complete event management tools.

Which system is best for my event?

To help you decide what system is best for your event, we've provided this table give you a broad overview of what features are commonly available in other event software, and what features Convention Master has to offer.

System Comparison

  Ticketing Membership Convention Master
Collect money for each person at the event
Allow multiple types of entry, some with free items
List the people at the event
Send Emails to customers
Cash register system with badge printing on-site
Track attendance at events through multiple years  
Keep contact information (address/phone/etc)  
Customers can edit personal information after purchase  
Add custom fields attached to customers  
Track what customers purchase (in addition to tickets)  
Print badges before your event
Print Badges during the event  
Allow customers to select how their badge looks  
Track geographic information on customers  
Integrated volunteer management to track hours    
Integrated dealers Den to allow application and approval    
Integrated Art-Show Application, approval and Sales    
Convention Operations dashboard to manage the event    
Photo Badging for Staff / Customers    
Integrated Cash Control system    

Is it right for you?

Convention Master is not the perfect solution in every circumstance. It was designed for conventions that are looking for one software package to handle most of their management tasks. More information on what Convention Master can do for you is available on our features page.