Remote Support

Most support questions can be asked and answered directly through email, instant messenger, on-line chat or by telephone. However, we have now started a users group discussion mailing list which is intended to provide even better support for the product by allowing you to share your questions and answers with other users of the products. This will allow you to get good ideas for your event from a community of not only other event organizers, but also event organizers who use the Convention Master software.

On-Site Support

Depending on your region CivetSolutions can provide recommendations of people who are experts with the Convention Master software and would be willing to help. However, due to US border regulations understand that if your event is in the United States, programmers and Canadian staff of CivetSolutions may only passively observe your event, and then must return home and improve the software based on what they have observed. All of our Canadian staff are interested in attending various events and conventions, so it will be important to let the staff know that you intend to have them observe your event as part officially before they cross into the USA so they can make the appropriate declaration. Once a staff member from Canada enters into the US for the purpose of enjoying and attending a event for fun, they cannot change their mind and start observing.

If you want a more hands-on support role within the United States, Civetsolutions can make recommendations of other expert users you can use for that.