Convention Master Features

Convention Master is a full featured software product designed to be a solution for your whole event, not just registration. The list below will give you an overview of what is available in Convention Master. See what Convention Master is like by using our online demo. Our team of experienced developers is always improving Convention Master to add new features. We also do custom modifications to meet the specific and unique needs of events. Contact us today for more details.

Basic Features

  • Allow multiple types of memberships, some with free items.
  • List the registrants of the event.
  • Send mass emails to registrants.
  • Collect payments for each membership to the event.
  • Pre-print badges before your event.
  • Cash register system with badge printing on-site.

Membership Features

  • Track attendance at events through multiple years.
  • Keep registrant contact information (address/phone/etc).
  • Registrants can edit personal information after purchase.
  • Add custom fields attached to registrants.
  • Track what registrants purchase (in addition to memberships).
  • Allow registrants to select from multiple badge layouts.
  • Track geographic information on registrants.

Printing Features

  • Direct printing of badges, receipts, reports, and labels.
  • Ability to print different badge sizes and shapes for different membership levels, to different printers.
  • Ability to actuate cash drawers.
  • All printing done through web interface, no user interaction required.
  • Built in Photo Badging tool for staff / registrants.

Accounting Features

  • Cash control system.
  • Cash box level tracking; including initial float, and warn/locking for overfull cash boxes.
  • Comp capability.
  • Itemized income tracking with payment reports.
  • PayPal and 3rd party payment processor integration.
  • Check printing with payout reports.
  • Credit Card audit report.
  • YTD Report.
  • Invoice management and searching.

Con Store Features

  • Track and sell multiple items.
  • Will-call tracking of items sold/given with ticket purchases.
  • Live inventory tracking. 
  • Sales reports.
  • Pre-sale of memberships for next event.

Con Operation Features

  • Convention operations dashboard.
  • Volunteer management and hour tracking.
  • Cash box Management.
  • Central alerting for 'over full' cash boxes in operations dashboard.
  • Radio communications tracking system.
  • Department logs.

Art Show Management Features

  • Art-Show Application & approval system for sellers.
  • Submission management with status tracking.
  • Bidding system with integrated cash register.
  • Support for anonymous bidders and voice auctions.
  • Sales and commission fees calculations.
  • Show Layout tool.

Dealer Management Features

  • Dealer Application & approval system to track dealers.
  • Booth/table fee management system.
  • Assistant management for each dealer.
  • Room Layout tool.

Security Features

  • Comprehensive IP blocking system which automatically prevents brute-force attacks.
  • User permissions and audit logs.
  • Multiple encryption algorithms to secure data.
  • Passwords stored using the same or more protection than industry leading cryptography.