Non-Subscription / NOT SAAS

Civetsolutions feels it is important to point out that our software is NOT Sofware as a service. This means that you pay per Event ID, but the software is yours to keep and continue to use long after you stop paying us. Of course you lose access to software updates and support, but the software remains yours for your staff to access old data.  This means you don't have to worry about data being lost if you ever choose to stop paying us.

Flexible Pricing

We are extremely flexible and understanding about our pricing. If pricing here is not attractive to your event please feel free to contact us and work with our staff to find pricing that best suits your needs. This is especially true for first year events that are put together with duct tape and hard work. We want to hear about your event, and we want to work with you to find the best solution for everyone.

Pricing Features

The following are some of the important features of our software pricing.

  • Past-year pricing model - When people hear that our pricing is per-head they immediately worry that they will have to pay more money throughout the year as more attendees register.  We avoid this by basing this year's event price on the previous year's attendance record. See "Per Head" pricing below.
  • No software crippling if you reach your predicted attendance count - If you predict that your event will have 300 attendees, and 1000 show up, the Convention Master software will do nothing to stop you or your staff from handling and happily registering those guests. At no point will the CM software ever reach a limit basd on your licenses.
  • No practical limitation on attendees - At no point will the CM software ever reach a attendee limit based on your licenses. While for programmatic reasons your Convention Master is limited to 99 billion attendee records, for all practical purposes there is no limit on the number of attendees your installation can have,
  • All features work for all attendees - The features that are available to your installation can be applied to each of your attendees. We won't limit you to only being able to produce photo badges for half your attendees, or only being able to allow 600 attendees into the art show.  Every feature is either available to all attendees or (if not purchased) are not available to any of them.
  • No extra percentage on memberships - We won't take additional money from you just because you have expensive memberships. You're paying for the software, not giving over your event's hard earned money.
  • No limitations on your membership creation  -  Your event only has one membership type? Okay.   Your event wants to go crazy making different membership for people who wear blue, purple, green, fuschia, or leprechaun, that's fine by us too.   We don't limit the number of membership types available for sale, their price, or their features.
  • No limitations on Staff - You can activate as many staff accounts as you have attendees. We don't recommend that of course, but we won't charge you extra if you want to have more cashiers or more staff working your event.

Per Head Pricing

The first options for pricing is per-head pricing.  The base model of pricing for Convention Master is a per-head pricing. For first year events, we ask how many people they expect to have, for events that already exist we take the last year's actual announced attendance as this year's base rate fee. So if a event had 310 people in 2015, then their 2016 fee would be $310 + modules. If their 2016 year event ended with 509 people then their 2017 fee would be $509 + modules. This also works even if the event looses attendance. If their 2017 year had only 452 events, then the 2018 year fee would be $452 + modules. Lastly it's important to note that we use either the "paid attendance" count in the Convention Master Software, or the publicly announced attendance count, whichever is greater.  The costs for this pricing model break down as follows.

  • $1.00 USD per person attending your event.
  • Two "Top level" memberships for Civetsolutions to use in any way they see fit.
  • $300.00 USD per each optional additional module. (Current modules include the Dealers Den, Vendors Hall, Silent Auction and Photo Badging)

Multi year flat rate

The second option for pricing, is a multi year rate, The way we caculate this is we examine the current attendance of the convention and the projected growth. We'll typically work with the event to find a pricing that is more expensive for the first year, about right for the second year, and cheaper for the third year. For example if a event has 700 attendees this year, with a growth of 50 attendees average over the last few years, we will offer a flat rate of $750 dollars for the next three years, and some number of modules included for free depending on the event's needs.

  • A flat negotiated rate
  • Two "Top level" memberships for Civetsolutions to use in any way they see fit.
  • One of each optional additional modules included for free
  • Some kind of discounted rate for additional copies of optional modules. (Adult art show and regular art show, or two different vendor halls)