Artshow Initial Configuration

Initial Art show Configuration

Once you have gotten your system administrator to create your art show in the system, you will still need to configure the arts how before you can continue. Follow these instructions to get your show configured.

  1. Find your artshow menu - In the menu on the left side of the console, you will now have a new menu item, and this menu item will be titled the same as the title of your art show.
  2. Artshow Settings - Within your new menu item, find your artshow settings menu. Once your in this meny you should see the following:
  3. Edit your show - Click the Edit button to start adding panels to your silent auction. You need panels in order to accept applications.
    Once you've clicked edit, you will see that you can both edit the title, description and edit the panels in your show.
  4. Add Panels to your show - Enter a quantity select the type you want, and click Add. (You can add or edit the available panel types to allow you more options.)
    I added 5 Half panels, 2 Full Panels to my show and added two reservation codes. From here we Must click Save.
  5. Review Panels - Now that we have hit save, we can see that our panels are there, and that two of them are marked "Reserved".
    Important: Reserved panels cannot be assigned by staff members to applicants. They are held in reserve waiting for the artist to enter their 'Pre Approval Code'. Once the artist enters the pre approval code. They will be immidately assigned to that table space and their application approved.
  6. Check Status - Our status now shows that we have 7 tables, but our artshow is still "Not Ready" So next we click Click to add Interview Questions
  7. Edit Interview Questions - The next step in our process is to edit the interview questions we are going to ask from the people applying for a dealers panel or space. At first we don't have any interveiew questions set up, so we must click "Add New Question". Once we have clicked "Add New Question" we see the screen below and we can start playing around with our question.
    1. Question Type - Lets you determine the question type you'd like to use. (See the preview area for a example of how the question will look)
    2. Required - This lets you specify if the question will require a answer in order to complete the application process.
    3. Question Text - This specifies the left 'question' side of the question. (See the preview area for example)
    4. Options Section - Different question types have different options. Use the options to edit your question (See the preview area for a example)
    5. Update Button - Use the Update button to update the preview area to get a look at how your question will be presented to the applicant.
  8. Review Questions - Once you have created some questions, you can review them before proceeding.
    Click "Artshow Settings" in your artshow menu to continue.
  9. Check Status - Our status now show 7 panels and 2 interview questions but our artshow is still "Not Ready" So next we click Click to add show settings
  10. Advanced Settings - We are now given a screen with a great deal of options, We can edit some of the options, but each option should give you a default value which should be acceptable for your show. So you can simply scroll to the bottom and click "Save"
  11. Check Status - We now show 7 panels 2 interveiw questions and 15 settings. And the show is "Ready to Go"
  12. Configure The Kiosk  - We can now configure the Application Kiosk to accept applications to our show.