Manually Add Application

How to Manually Add a artshow application

  1. Find your artshow menu - In the menu on the left side of the console, you will now have a new menu item, and this menu item will be titled the same as the title of your art show.
  2. List Applications - Within your new menu item, find your List Applications menu. Once your in this meny you should see the list of all the people who have applied to your art show. Then Click "Manually Add Application"
  3. Search for Applicant - You will be provided your commonly used search tool which will allow you to search for your applicant by a number of ways.
  4. Edit the Application - Once you have found the person, you can edit their application or create a new one for them.
  5. Add Space Requests to the application - As part of the application process you must add at least one space request to the application. A space request is a request for a particular classification of space based on the needs or desires of the applicant.
    These space requests will be individually approved/denied/deferred at a later time. This allows you to have one applicant with a request for three spaces, but only approve one.
  6. Save the Application - Click "Save Application"