How to use Global Variable Editor

Warning - Using this tool incorrectly can leave your CM Installation in a Un-usuable State.

This tool will allow you to use the global variable editor to edit settings which are not changed frequently. These changes can do many things and almost always affect EVERY SINGLE EVENT in your software installation. Read carefully, and understand fully what you are doing before you try to proceed with this process.

To Create a Key


  1. Log into your Convention Master console
  2. Click "Admin - Install" and "Global Variable Editor"
  3. Use the search tool to look up you're search key.
  4. If the key does not exist, then you will see this screen.
    You can then click "Make new entry for ...." to create the key.
  5. Next you will be provided with options as to what type of key you are creating. Use the global_settings reference documentation in the reference guide to determine what type your key is.
  6. Once your input is done, click Save.
  7. Then click to Continue 
  8. You can then Search for '%' to find all the active keys in your system.
  9. You should now see you're new key in the system.

To Delete A key

  1. As above Search for a key
  2. You will find your key in the results and click edit.
  3. Pull down the "Setting type" and set the setting type to "Delete Key"
  4. Then type 'yes' in the confirmation box, and click Save.
  5. The Key will then be deleted.