Enable CSV Export for exporting data

In order to enable CSV export for the convention master software, you must manually create a specific permission, then create a group or apply that permission to a group.  To do this, follow the following directions.

  1. Log into the convention master software using your SYSTEM user.
  2. Click "Administration"
  3. Click "Edit Permissions"
  4. At the bottom enter a new permission id of "EXPORT_DATA" with any title you wish to give it and click "Create"
  5. In the next screen set the following settings:
    1. Give your permission a description.
    2. Leave "User defined permission" as "Permission is a System Permission"
    3. Leave "Permission Type" as "Set"
    4. Leave "Num Fields" as "2"
    5. Leave the values as both "Y" and "N"
    6. Click "SAVE"
  6. Your permission is now created, we must now create a export data group to apply this permission to.
  7. Click on "Edit Groups" under the "Administration" Menu
  8. Click "New" to create a new group
    1. Enter a new group name
    2. Enter a new group description
    3. Click Save
  9. Once the new group is saved, find the group in the list and click "Edit"
    1. Find your "Export_data" permission in the list of pulldowns and set the setting to "Y"
    2. Click Save
  10. Your permission and group is created, now any login you set to be a member of this group will be able to use the CSV export tool.