At-Event Registration

At Event Registration Processes

This section of the documentation talks about your at-event registration processes. Civetsolutions recommends that events that are expecting 400 or more people use a podium or greeter position in order to control the line. We also recommend that the registration room be a sepearate room. 

When using a podium or greeter position, the greeter is responsible for ensuring that the customer is paid for. If the customer is not paid, then the greeter will send him/her over to a podium so that they can choose from one of the membership types that are available at the convention. If the account is paid for the greeter can provide the customer the AUP and let the customer go directly to a cashier.

When not using the podium or greeter position, it is important that each customer go through the kiosk before seeing a cashier. If the customer owes any money then the customer will be required to pick from the currently available memberships, even if the customer has had a older (less expensive) membership in his cart for a long time.  A alternative to this is to use the bulk user editor and change everyone's membership to a different level just prior to the event.