Kiosk - Configure Credit Card API

Configuring a credit card processor for your event.

  1. Log into the Console - Log into the console with any user that has the permissions needed to edit events.
  2. Click "Admin - Event" then "Modify Events" - Get into the modify events tool.
  3. Pull down and select the event you wish to edit.
  4. Scroll to the Credit Card Processing Section and enter your information.
  5. Click Save

This will now have your credit card processor set up for your event.


Configuring your kiosks to process credit cards

This how to will describe to you how to configure your system, and your kiosks to use credit card transactions.

Change Steps

Most kiosks will be configured to use the 98_online_payment module.  In order to use credit card processing, you will need to replace that step with two seperate steps.

Before After

Change Payment Properties

Change any references to $_SESSION['98_online_payment'] to $_SESSION['98_online_cc_payment']

Before After

Setting a specific kiosk into testing mode

add  $_SESSION['gatewaytesting'] = true;   to your steps file, and this should set this kiosk (and only this kiosk) into test mode. On the most part this should not be needed, and it's much better to test a 1$ transaction in real working mode than it is to only test using testing mode.