Export Your Database

Export Database

From time to time you will want to export your database. You will want to do this in order to copy the database to your at-con server, and you may want to do this in order to just keep a backup copy of the database. The convention Master software now can do this from within it's GUI provided that there are some pre-requisties set by your administratior.

Permission Required

The permission that users will need in order to perform the export, is the "SYSTEM UPGRADE" permission.

Performing the download

  1. Log in to the Convention Master softare.
  2. Click "Admin-Install" then "Export Database File"
  3. Answer the prompts:
    1. Set the event read only - If you are exporting the database to copy the data to a AT-CON server, you will want to check the "Set Events Read-Only" box.
    2. Password - The export file must be encrypted in order to keep your customers personal information safe. This utilizes the common unix command "Crypt".
    3. Comment - You may want to leave a comment in your export file, for reference later.
  4. Download the export file - Once you have clicked submit, you can download the exported file.