Adjusting when badges print [Cosole]

By default, Badges print when you add the person to your cashier shopping cart. This is intended to allow the cashier to assemble the badges in the same order he or she received the AUP's in. However there is a weakness to this methodology of doing things. The first is that this could result in more labels being printed than are needed. The second is that your own cashiers can work around their 'comp' limits by simply adding a person to their shopping cart and getting the badge printed, and then deleting the items from the cart without ever cashing out the person. This was initially seen as a okay security weakness because our cashiers should be trained and trusted.
Three 'global settings' key that constrols the functionality of when badges print isĀ CONSOLE_CASH_REGISTER_WhenToPrintBadge
There are three settings for this key.

  • AtCartAdd - Prints the badge when the UID is added to the cart, (Default Mode)
  • AtCartZero - This will wait until the cashier shopping cart is all paid up, and then will print all the badges in the cashier cart.Never
  • Never - In this mode your system will not print badges in the cashier system.