Accepted Payment Types [Console]

As of release 6.0.7 the payment types that the pre-reg process payment tool supports is flexable. A system administrator can add or remove payment types from the pulldown in order to allow or disallow the recording of certain payment types.

Modifying the Payment types allowed in the console

  1. Log into the console as the SYSTEM user.
  2. Click Administration --> Global Variable Editor
  3. Search for the global variable CONSOLE_PaymentsAccepted. WARNING! - The search for the varibale is CASE-SENSITIVE
    • If the search resulted with no results, click Make a new entry for CONSOLE_PaymentsAccepted


      1. Set the "Setting Type" to "Pre Serialized String"
      2. Then copy the following string into the Value Field EXACTLY and click Save
    • If the search resulted in a result,

      paypal => Paypal
      credit => Credit Card
      comped => Comped
      cash => Cash
      cheque => Cheque

      1. Click Edit
      2. Add or remove the following value pairs, depending on which payment types you want to be able to process using the console. Then click Save

Problems and Solutions

No credit card payment type in Pre-Reg Process payment
Solution: Add a global setting which specifies which payment types pre-reg process payment allows.

Error message: Payment Type Incorrect
Error message: Payment Type Incorrect,   Couldn't use payment type xxx because the administrator has not allowed that payment type.
Solution: The payment type global setting has been set, and the payment type selected was not in the list of allowed payment types.  Change the global setting as discussed to allow the paymen type you want to allow.