How Badges are displayed



The convention master system uses complicated php scripts and libraries to help create your badge images which will be printed out to the various label or badge printers. This document is here to help you if you need to manually edit your badge definitions. If you do not 100% fully understand the documentation below, do not even try to modify your own badge definitions. It is very easy to completely break your Convention Master installation.

Understanding the table structure and relations:

The system that creates the images uses several tables working together to create the badge image based on dimensions. The first is badge_types this table holds the definition for each badge design. In this table we have:

  • Badge_types - The badge types table defines the badge and it's parameters. The badge is defined here and can have some draw code. Some customers want to be able to give their attendees the ability to show their badge in different ways, such as having a organizational name on top of the real name, or having only the organization name showing as oppose to the legal name. The draw code enter here will be rendered on every badge.
    • badge_type_id which is just a unique identifier for this badge type and will be referenced by other tables.
    • badge_width the width in pixels for this badge, this should be the width of your sticker in inches X 300
    • badge_height Like the height, this should be the height of your sticker or media in inches X 300
    • badge_draw_code this is the draw code that happens on all badges of this type. Please reference badge draw code later in this document
    • image_top_left_x this is the top left X co-ordinate of the insert image for this badge. IE if this badge type is to have a user's custom image inserted into it, then we'll need to know the co-ordinates to put that image. This field and the remaining ones can be left empty.
    • image_top_left_y see above
    • image_width see above (this is the width of the inserted image in pixels)
    • image_height see above (this is the height of the inserted image in pixels)
  • Badge_display_code This table is the table that stores the various different methods that a badge has to be able to be drawn and the badge display code to do the drawing. There should be one entry in this table for each way you want to display a badge.
    • display_code this is a identifier for your display code
    • event_id this tells the system which event_id this display code is valid for
    • show_on_kiosk this tells the system if the customer should be able to see this option for picking how their badge is laid out.
    • display_code_name this is a english name for your display code, used in the console pulldown fields for choosing the badge display code.
    • ps_code this is the draw_code for this particular display code
  • badge_types_valid_display_codes This table stores which entries in the badge_display_code are valid entries for the badge type.
    • badge_type_id this is the badge type as defined in badge_types
    • badge_display_code this is the badge display code as defined in badge_display_code