Release Notes 9.3.5


    Release notes for version 9.3.5.

     March 7, 2018, 10:10:



 The following changes and or features were added

 * Added kiosk module 01_get_uid_atcon which is intended for 

   use at the conventions when you want to either transition

   to username/password or when you ahve been using 


 * Added ability to reset kiosk username/passwords or to set

   kiosk username/passwords from the console gui. When set 

   these passwords are "one time" and the user will have to 

   change the password at next kiosk login. 

 * Added system to mark email addresses confirmed when reset 

   links have been used.

 * Added DB upgrade to upgrade email account activation, 

   and password reset for kiosk users.

 * Upgraded reset security question tool to allow resetting

   to something specific.

 * Kiosk Index.php files - A variable $_SESSION['kiosk_libraries_path']

   was instantiated in order to provide kiosks with the ability to 

   include jquery and css files from the libraries path.

 * Bug was fixed with sanitize_db.php  you cannot trucnate a 

   table that has relations. So instead we delete all entries.

 * Added a feature to password complexity that prevents setting 

   your username and password the same.

 * Implemented a option in the kiosk export to allow specifying a 

   export filename. 

 * add nice email templates

 * Added a check to 01_get_uid_username that sets 

   $_SESSION['03_review_and_edit_all_addresses']['email_min'] to 1 

   if you have it set to less than 1

 * Fixed a issue with which will now catch if the themes

   you specified even exists. If the theme doesn't exist a nicer error

   message will appear.