Release Notes 8.2.6

    Release notes for version 8.2.6
     July 17, 2014, 21:47
    This release contains all changes between 
    developer release number 1094 and 1174.

The following changes and or features were added:

  • Code cleanup. Capitalization. HTML Input Types (date, url, number)
  • Badge Image Rendering - Better memory management
  • Added CM favicon to default redmond theme
  • Added jqPlot library (MIT license library available at
  • Added the exportation of the default panel types. (as_panel_types)
  • Fixed user permissions not working on UID 0; in this case preventing system upgrades when logged in as system user (permissions were already in place, but function failed silently due to not allowing '0' as valid)
  • Upgraded and updated create_initial_database script
  • Removed extra 'field' from kiosks table in create_initital_database.sql
  • Removed references to RF groups in create_initial_database.sql
  • Fixed the create_initial_database sql script to properly import permissions for groups that exist
  • Upgraded convert_db_to_create_initial.php to make extended inserts on zip codes. And to properly export the group permissions
  • Upgraded installation script including fewer entry inputs, and a file-uploader for license files
  • Updated shell script to sanitize database for training purposes
  • Artshow
    • Clean Up
    • Added ability to review room layouts when in read only mode
    • Added new type of "question" (HTML blob)
    • Added the ability to sort interview questions
    • Fixed some error messages that appeared when panels or art was missing
  • Console
    • $reg_developer_address can now be safely removed from all shared_php/db_connect.php files.
    • Added email address to events table in order to facilitate the eventual removal of all parameters from db_connect.php
    • Added Username to the list of things quicksearch can search
    • Disabled autocomplete on fields when modifying user logins
    • Badge editor can now properly toggle view of "of age" and "under age badges" (Mantis #241)
    • Corrected bug that when editing user permissions, it cause override and denied users permissions inappropriately. (Mantis #260)
    • List registrations now has a nice error message when no one has registered for that event. (Mantis #270)
    • Changed cash reg birthday input to be month / day / year (Mantis #279)
    • Made manage images function properly when no images exist for each category. (Mantis #288)
    • Corrected bug regarding comping payments with user accounts who have usernames that are different than their fan name
    • Corrected bug that prevented the system user from being able to properly log-out
    • Logout button and cash_reg_index now use username instead of fan name.
    • Updated UI and placeholder values to make field usage more intuitive
  • Dealers
    • Added ability to review room layouts when in read only mode
    • Added new type of "question" (HTML Blob)
    • Added the ability to sort interview questions
  • Reports
    • New At-Con Hourly Report
    • Upgraded Comp Report
    • Upgraded Age of Attendance report
    • Upgraded Membership Versus Time report