Release Notes 8.2.5

    Release notes for version 8.2.5
     June 19, 2014, 20:28:
    This release contains all changes between 
    developer release number 1067 and 1094.


The following changes and or features were added:

  • Artshow
    • Added suggestive statement to artshow sales report title.
  • Kiosk
    • Fixed default theme location, $_SESSION['01_get_uid_v2']['title'], and made grammar improvements.
  • General
    • Added new database version, and upgrade scripts.
    • Updated stored procedures check to work more reliably and automatically, even if procedures exist but for wrong username.
    • Upgraded Database check to error if missing db upgrade files were found.
    • Upgraded theme system, to support version 2.0 theme, and if events have older themes selected it'll revert to the default.
    • Put in a fix that prevented all of the badge image data to be loaded into a array.
  • Console
    • Resolved Bug 259 - Require_once(MYPDF) failure.
    • Upgraded bugs in printer pool assignment tool.
    • Upgraded look and feel of printer pool tool.
    • Manage Images re-added ability to upload new images.