Release Notes 8.2.2

Release notes for version 8.2.2.
December 12, 2013, 22:22:
This release contains all changes between
developer release number 905 and 932.
The following changes and or features were added
* Artshow - Corrected bug on left menu that caused payout report to not reference the right script.
* Artshow - Added Filtering to list Applicants. You can now filter by the application status, and by the panel request type.
* Artshow - Fixed Sort functionality on list applicants. The system can now sort by the various clickable headers.
* Paypal - Updated error logging, and corrected bug relating to potential sql injection vulnerability.
* Paypal API - More fixes to sql queries in paypal class.
* Paypal - Corrected spelling mistake Continute to Continue
* Added PHP backtrace to system logging
* Updated artist_payout report to log mysql error to database.
* Artshow - Corrected mysql bug on Artist payout report.
* UI - Fixed broken Jquery styles
* UI - New version of Jquery theme
* Registrant Notes - Added note ui bits
* Invoice Images - Invoice images can be set to 0 to be turned off now.
* Registrant Notes - Added registrant note creation bits. (working, adds notes to DB. Can't view them, though.
* Logging - Added support for mysql transactions in system logging mysql function
* Logging UI - Added better Previous/Next clicking in system logging.
* Badge Editor - New interface for badge editor
* Badge Creation - Now allows for creation of badges.
* Badge Display Code - Now can copy forward badge display codes from old events, into this event ..
* Bug 229 - Corrected bug where Reg Summary screen broke if no memberhsips existed.
* Corrected bug 232 - Unable to edit/create permissions properly.
* Console - Added Sortability to editing permissions.
* Database Update - Corrected spelling of in the supported processors.
* CSV Export - Added a rudimentary account_line_entries export to CSV exporter.
* General - Upgraded the events dbio save function to use new logging system
* Dealers Module - Added dlr kiosks.
* Dealers Module - Changed verbiage on error message to say artshow/dealers den
* Credit Card - Change the url linking for images and link to "What is cvv" for better interopability.
* Account Functions - Corrected mispelling of "Start Transaction"
* CC Processing - Corrected display bugs in the Gateway Payment viewer.
* CC Processor - Updated the credit card processor Added support
* CC Processor - Corrected several bugs or potential bugs with the credit card processor.
* Added feature - AUTOMATED TASKS
* Console - Added Automated Task Scheduler
* Db Version 533 adds support for automated tasks, and sets up first two tasks.
* Updated Paypal processor to return text errors in different manners for task scheudler.
* Added Feature - Registrant Notes!
Need to do more linking, add icons/colors for different types of notes, and see about Jquery popups.
Don't know much about your DBIO stuff, so just used standard mysql functions.

I also got majorly distracted while messing with the page, and did some... rework to it's design.
Started out as a matter of fixing orphaned tags(open without close, or vice-versa), of which there were quite a few,
and it morphed into 'how can I make the page and code look better'.
I think it looks nice, and I optimized for 1280x1024 screens(which seem to be the base-level standard, at RF and elsewhere).
Check how I coded it, with the indentation of the html. This may be slightly alien looking, but it makes keeping which tags are open a snap, and makes it a lot more readable
(indentation and linebreaks come through in the html to the browser).

At this point you should be able to:
1. Create a note, from the view_reg page -- both global and event-specific notes.
2. See the note on the view_reg page, as appropriate.
3. Click on the name of note creator, to be taken to his view_reg page. (I'm a great proponent of drill-down).

* Artshow - Corrected bug 239. Art searched by piece id now shows up correctly.