Release Notes 8.0.0

Release notes for version 8.0.0.
This release contains all changes between
developer release number 624 and 773.
The following changes and or features were added
* Taxes - The software now supports taxes.
* UTF8 - Upgraded software to UTF8 Support
* Artshow - The software now supports most artshow functions.
final artshow function to come soon

The following Minor changes were added between version 624 and 773
* Updated the spelling mistakes in Supvervisor -> Supervisor.
also corrected programming errors which resulted in the group
being added on each db update.
* Corrected spelling mistake found in "Edit Fields" descripion to description.
* Updated the Approve Application to properly send the application approval from the console.
* Added support for more than just PNG files to be inserted into images in the Image Library
* Added barcode support to psudocode functions, you can now use
draw_barcode('string',[x,y],options); in your psudocode.
The draw_barcode function can draw code39 code128 or codabar barcodes
there is a bug with drawing code25 barcodes, i'm not sure how to resolve
nor do I have time to.
* Corrected align=center, align=left, align=right on draw_barcode() in ps_code
* Corrected theme where it turned on debug output.
* Corrected bug in user defined fields which prevented the question description from being changed the way it was suppose to be.
* Removed debugprint line in for artshow
* Removed debug statement from
* Artshow - Added colorized 'no spaces available' and added 'show detailed history' button.
*Artshow - added trim to list of names on panels.
*Artshow - Modified Pre-approval code screens to only show up if there is a code you maybe could use. And to only allow code-input on panel types that there are codes available for.
* Added the ability to modify taxes on products. This does not yet
add the functionality for the taxes throughout the system
it meerly helps in terms of artshow
* Added the Edit Taxes tool
* Fixed a bug in the menu system which made links appear below
'admin -users' when you clicked 'admin - event'
* Artshow - Fixed some spelling mistakes
* Artshow - Added the ability to define agents to the artist profile in
as_pay kiosk
* Artshow - Added the ability for the artist to set the 'cheque_to' field
which will come in later when dealing with artshow
* Artshow - Tested thourougly the pre-approved codes system and applications
* Added the proper step entry to the file.
* Converted all database tables to utf8 Support
* Updated checkin script to send current db version
* Changed db revision to 513 reflect db upgrade committed in rev 641
* Cleaned up some arrays and variables, made the system a bit more stable on upgrades
* Updated the default theme of the web-reg kiosk to be console-default
* Removed debug comment from registrant_email so it won't show up when doing
email address checking.
* Removed a static coded 'Furry Fiesta' from the go shopping screen.
* Re-formatted and re-commented the entire file in the newer format
* Added Taxes to the system
* Corrected typo in upgrade script.
* Corrected a bug in the tax settings which resulted in you being able to schedule a tax change for the past.
this of course was bad and was corrected.
* Taxes - Fixed up finalize sale,
* Taxes - Fixed up year end financial report
* Taxes - Updated payment browser - incomplete
* Taxes - change the queries in to include accurate accounting of
membership pricing
* Upgraded account_history to list things in chronological order and
use a better query for doing so.
* Added report to show unattached Credit Card Payments.
* Added report to show unattached Credit Card Payments.
* Disabling credit button once pushed to prevent duplicate submission.
* Committing Tax modification finals, for review and testing.
* Artshow - Added downloadable bid slips.
* Upgraded pdf generation to have pre-generated pdf error messages
* Upgraded pdf generation to have better 'is_writable' checking on the
cache folder needed for pdf generation
* Artshow - Updated bid slip generaton
* Kiosk - added the ability to stack 99_deliver_pdf after
98_online_payment but only in cases where balance is <=0
* Artshow - Corrected bug, which set the max_space_applications to max+1
* Artshow upgraded database to have as_panel_fees table.
* Corrected bug, misplaced quotes in online cc payment screen html.
* Removed download bid slips button fromn the artshow controller, since
the system will now provide a download link both at edit art screen
and the final screen if they are paid in full.
* Database Revision 517
* Artshow - Cart items can now be assigned to a show.
* Arthsow - Go Shopping screen doesn't allow the removal of show fees
* Artshow - Can now do a basic listing of art
* Artshow - When you approve a artshow space, it automatically inserts the
fee's into the customer's cart.
* Artshow - Corrected Warnning if not licensed for artshow.
* Trying again to fix bug that checks for licened artshow
* Corrected bug with php 'warning' when accessing a constant. Now it displays nice.
* Fixing that bug again
* Artshow - Removed 'add/edit art' menu, and put it as button in list Applicants
* Artshow - Fixed bug that made the kiosk add_art screen different than the
console add art screen
* Turned off UTF-8 Support in PDF generation (Increase render performance)
* Turned off Thai characters in PDF generation (Increase Render Perofrmance)
* Turned off Font subsetting in PDF Generation (Increase Render Perofrmance)
* Set Defined Page format to LETTER (More compatable with printers)
* Corrected bug in process refund which made you able to refund anything
from any event... ever. Limited it to active event.
* Corrected accounting bug which made numbers not add up properly.
* Corrected bug which started to give freebies everwhere.
* Removed the second function which displays account history
stuff to the screen and unified the system into one function.
* Changed the display of the cart history to be a bit more clear.
* Added feature to lock out all kiosks with 'upgrade in progress'
message if the db revision doesn't match the currently
required revision.
* Corrected bug in reset security question system. Users could not reset.
* Added a different method of doing the reset_password system. This
should overcome a variable scope issue that has been seen with
the old way of doing it.
* Corrected URL inaccuracy
* Turned off some displays of the printing functions, and created a better error message for when labels don't print.
* Made some improvements to the badge editor.
* Added Dimensions to badge editor.
* Upgraded the date calculation in badge_image.php and
* UTF-8 Support
* hash comment correction
* Replaced the terrible images for the old banners.
* Corrected bug in comp_amount graph.
* Fixed comp report, bug caused by tax update.
* Added User Defined Fields to CSV Export
* Corrected bug in stored procedures
* Modified db check, so that it can check for missing stored
procedures and restore. This will allow us to tell people to change their
global variable for db version, and the system will restore stored procedures.
even if other db changes are done.
* Added stored procedure and modified list_registrations_v2 in order to
allow updating only this events shopping carts. Since this will take
some time with large events. No reason to update every event in their
db to do list reg for this one.
* Modified Listregistration v2 to update the shopping carts only once every
60 seconds (per session). Which will still take some time, and resources.
* Changed permission to edit fees to more apprpriate permissions.
* javascript left menu
* Added dashboard as explicit link in Conops which is needed now
due to javascript pulldown menus.
* Artshow - In a attempt to correct bug 199 and 200 (mantis) corrected
some Foreach issues, and corrected panel count.
* Just adding better checking of global_functions_get_self_reference_url
* Corrected bug which sends URL incorrectly if CM is at the root of the webserver.
* Added environemnt variable to bid slip dowloader so fonts could be accuratly found.
* Added Cheque Printing Subsystem
* Updated Dbio Update Script.
* Corrected bug in products filter which referenced non existant prod_upc column.
* Upgraded the Filter results browser to include the title of the filter.
* Corrected Bug that I just created, that makes all the filter results go away.
* This change could allows people to register with apostrophies and other symbols in their names.
* Fixed issue where artshow could not save 'confirmed' applications in console.
* Artshow - Change list application to show what type of panel requests are had.
*UDF - Modified the user defined fields system, remove duplicate
entires and prevent duplicates from being created.
No applied field should appear more than once for a uid+event
* Pre-Reg Added tool to pre-print badges. THis will not mark the badges
picked up for that person.
* Corrected 'Module Not found' message on User defined fields report.
*Corrected a issue with bid slips.
* Corrected bug with bid slip that prevented it from being displayed.
*Corrected bug in bid slip display.
* Artshow - Modified Max space requests to be up to a maximum of 15
* Artshow - Added the ability to check in artwork
* - Added the ability to check in artwork via scangun
* - Added check-in report tables.

* Scangun - Added support for wireless barcode scanners
*Bid Slips - Corrected a bug with bid slips, and their layout order in the page.
* Corrected 'module not found' message.
* Added better more intuitive setup instructions.
* Theme - Updated mainpagebanner.php to have a expires header, so it won't load on each page load.
* Menu - Corrected Spelling mistake in Admin - Event 'System Settings'
*Cheque Management - Corrected foreach error when trying to print no cheques.
* Artshow - Added the ability to record bids against pieces.
* Artshow - Added the ability to activate bidders if your using 'bid stickers'
* Artshow - Added the ability to retract bids.
* Artshow - Updated the bid tags, to show bids on them so reprints have bids already populated.
* Console - Updated javascript now any field with id='focus' will be auto set-focus on page load
* Artshow - Updated View piece to show bid history.
* Artshow - Corrected bug on activate bidder. To allow the activation of bidders.
* Artshow - Added the ability to change the status of a piece manually
* Artshow - Added scangun tool to send a piece to voice auction
* Artshow - Added scangun tool to record a bid.
* General - Corrected the way the system handles making links that are non-standard port numbers
* Artshow - Modified art listing to show artist panel space name.
* Artshow - Added a listing of pieces by bidder.
* General - Added 'focus' on username in login screen
* Artshow - Added ability to sort bidder list by bidder name.
* Artshow - Bidder listing can now order by both first_last of bidder,and then by other columns identified.
* General - Updated look and feel of searching for user accounts.
* Added error message test code.
* Un-commiting my fix, new fix for the error.
* Added a type-cast of INT to the global_functions_console_show_search_results
* Scangun - Corrected bug with activating a scangun with no printer pool assigned.
* Corrected a issue RF was having with the generation of the kiosk url in the dealers approvals. Hopefully this won't affect other events.
* Artshow - Added new setting to artshow settings which will allow you
to specify the url of the pay kiosk for the show.
* Artshow - Re Corrected artshow pay kiosk default settings to include kiosk subfolder.
* Process Refund - Corrected bug that is looking for string on search results.
* General - Corrected bug with non-mysql real escape string in payments.
* General - Added modification for table Registrant Notes. Database REvision 522
* Removed Debug statement
* Corrected bug with showing multiple badges from wrong years, while loading badge images from somone else.
* Corrected bug on showing badges from wrong event.
* Added name to Email notification that you have registered.
* Re-wrote most of the filter, cleaned up the code, and made it sort properly by state order(BUG #195).
There's still the potential issue of a max of 200 lines, and there seems to be no DB filter on
making sure the states take a usable form - there's about a half-dozen copies of some states in
my test DB, which makes it hard to search(you'd have to do an OR on each of them).
* Artshow - Corrected bug with artshow not inserting pay kiosk url.
* Artshow - Commit to commit progress of artshow cash register.
* Artshow - Added the ability to edit settings on a artist.
* Artshow - Added Taxes to the Arttshow settings
* Artshow - Added abilityt to tax-exempt a artist.
* Fixed bug #196; added link and modified colors in the css to make readable links in Table TH's
* Styles - Added styles for cashier cart and incorportated styles from Robbies TH links
* General - Fixed bug in security question reset.
* General - Modified registrant security question to allow periods.
* Added timezone stuff. Fixed bug #188
* Added js clock, basic version
* Artshow - Started the artshow cash register module
* Artshow - Added the taxes library support for artshow
* Invoices - Added database support for invoicing and invoices
* General - Added support for artshow type items in account_line_entries
* Pre Reg - Pre print badges, Fixed bug which made you select a kiosk printer rather than a cashier printe pool for printing badges.
* General - Corrected typo in documentation for printer pools
*Artshow - Corrected bug in scangun artshow checkin
*Artshow - modified bidder listing to more clearly depict invoiced
*Artshow - Upgraded record bit.
*Artshow - Added settings regarding how many copies of things to print on checkin and cash register
*Artshow - finished cash register tool
*Invoices - Upgraded edit events to be able to add a picture UID, and a address line 1-4
*Artshow - Upgraded view_piece to show invoices.
*Artshow - Added a explain status tool, to clarify the status options for people
*Artshow - Added list invoices tools to artshow.
*Artshow - Added Checkout report List browser
*Artshow - Added ability to check out artists.
*Artshow - Added setting to cap the number of prints that can be inserted simultaniously
* Artshow - Corrected error on the way taxes checked.
* Kiosk - Added "Step 1" and "Step 2" to buttons in kiosk.
* Memberships - Updated database to support a sort order index for membership types
* Scangun - Modified the 'focus' javascript to be supported by pocket pc.
* Artshow - Updated Finalize sale to better support tax submissions
* Artshow - Corrected bug in artshow checkout where the system gets rid of all buttons when your checking out every piece a artist has.
* Taxes - Removed tax debuging
* Artshow - Upgraded List Artwork to sortables, and show projected profit.
* Artist Listing - Added artist listing
* Artshow Wizard - Will eventually help open/close the artshow.
* Refactored, added 'sort_order' column stuff.
* Added optional extra information display and alteration in cash register birthday entry screen, enabled by Global Variables:
CONSOLE_CASH_REGISTER_EnableBadgeDisplayCodeSelection = Boolean(True)
CONSOLE_CASH_REGISTER_EnableMailingAddressDisplay = Boolean(True)
Added display of membership level in cash register birthdate entry screen.
Fixed field highlighting for Birthday and other fields based on error_location.
Moved function get_badge_display_codes_list from edit_reg into global_functions as global_functions_get_badge_display_codes_list so it can be used in cash register and elsehwere.
Minor clean-ups.
* Fixed typo in logic of new cash register features.
Added "Quicksearch:" heading above the quicksearch field on left menu bar.
* Artshow - Corrected list_artists to deliver pdf better?
* Artshow - Corrected pdf to have no debug statement in doc_settings
* General - Set up deliver_pdf.php to be able to recieve a error back from doc_settings saying that the encryp_string is broken.
* General - Modified steps files to be able to work properly.
A comment in said steps file was making a error at the bottom.
* Finished ordering the silly event memberships
* Cleaned up a bypassed chunk
* General - Two minor tweeks to the sort_order code.
*Conops - Corrected bug, regarding foreach error in log functions.
* General - Upgraded process refund script to be more user friendly, and to handle invoices
* Artshow - Upgraded List Artists functions
* Printing - Updated AUP priting to use htmlDoc verus html2ps