Release Notes 7.2.0

Release notes for version 7.2.0.
This release contains all changes between
developer release number 599 and 624.
The following changes and or features were added
* Updated the Database check scripts. Turns out Photo badging returned a
error code which made the wrapper function think that it didn't get
* Added the ability to use the global variable editor, even in the
middle of a upgrade.
* Removed debug statement from
* Modified filter builder, it would display "Module not found" on
first load, due to a "Return 0";
* Modified filter results viewer to not "return 0" instead "return 1"
was throwing a "Module not found" error.
* Added some awesome filtering functions to support filtering by
payment information.
* Upgraded CSV export to be able to export payment information (basic)
* Removed hard-coded "event_id=CF2.3" from URL.
* Added kiosk_id field.
* Corrected suggested URL for automatied application notification emails.
* Added Email address to CSV Export System
* corrected spelling of ballance in the email.
* Update to add user account removal to the database.
* Added change to URL generation to allow for CM installations
at different URL than the event URL.
* Removed erroneous default falue of "RMFC6" from SESSION['event_id']
in steps template.
* Added SESSION['kiosk_id'] for later use in steps template.
* Added SESSION['08_go_shopping']['restrict_sales']['allow_by_membership'] handling to restrict purchase of some times to specific membership types on a per-kiosk basis.
* Consolidated aup_form.php and aup_page.php into just
aup_page.php as they were largely identical.
* Implemented handling for alternate output for Onsite Prereg.
* Fixed warning msg that's logged if force_jpg is not set.
* Fixed warning that's logged due to non-integer values being
passed to Checkdate().
* This commit commits the first part of the Artshow software, this part of the
software is able to accept dealers/artist applicaitons, and approve them
however, if someone is approved there is no further processing.
* Corrected typos in regex checks which caused single-letter domains to be rejected as invalid.
* Fixed problem with line membership line totals being $0.