Release Notes 7.0.2

Release notes for version 7.0.2.
This release contains all changes between
developer release number 581 and 591.
The following changes and or features were added

* Fixed bug and Added processors file
* Fixed issue with quotes and backslashes being escaped multiple times.
* Fixed issues with print methods.
* Disabled printing of new database version to screen to prevent page hijacking due to 3rd party DNS redirects to search pages.
* Fixed some bugs regarding a new installation. Specifically you could not use the setup wizard because gateway processing wasn't involved, and because saving a event required that you have a valid uid but uid zero hadn't been created yet.
* Introduced HTML2PS printing for CUPS method printers.
This should finally allow the functionality of civetprint without civetprint!
* Module to remove logins when using user 0
* Fixed the checkin script. If the results of the checkin are non-numeric, then we replace the results with 'unavailable'.
* Added to the image library if you include a image that it can't find it will draw a box with a x in it instead.
* Upgraded the installer, The installer and other pages will now let you know if you do not have ioncube module loaded.