Release Notes 7.0.1

Release notes for version 7.0.1.
This release contains all changes between
developer release number 450 and 581.
Changes in this version of Convention Master

* Added Cashbox Managment
* Corrected possible sql injection flaws.
* Added a command line tool to sanatize databases for training
* Added licensed module for Photo Badging
* Replaced printing engine
* Upgraded security on password encryuption
* Corrected a bug with the membership 'filter'
* Upgraded products to support limiting quantities of items, and to support
* variable priced 'donation' type items
* Added 'Dashboard' tool to Operations department
* Added credit card processing integration
* Added simple CSV exporter to the system
* Changed the naming of menu items to be less confusiong
* Added functionality to export pre-stuffed bag contents to pdf
* Added thermal printing to the sstem
* Added bulk editing based on filter queries
* Added quicksearch tool in top of menu
* Added additional badges to view_reg tool
* Replaced the edit reg tool with a new more streamlined tool.